Commonly Used Acronyms

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A2G - Agar to Grain

BE - Biological Efficiency

BRF - Brown Rice Flour

BT - Bacillus thuringiensis, (i.e. Gnatrol)

CONTAM - Contamination

D&R/DNR - Dunk & Roll

DEC - Double Ended Casing

dH2O - Distilled water

DI - De-Ionized water

DT - Double Tub

FAE - Fresh Air Exchange

FC - Fruiting Chamber

FH - Flow Hood

FSR - Free Spore Ring

G2G- Grain to Grain

GB - Glove Box

H2O2- Hydrogen Peroxide

HEPA - High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor

INC - Incubator

INNOC - Inoculate

LECA - Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

LC - Liquid Culture

MS - Multi-Spore

MSI - Multi-Spore Inoculation

MONO/MT - A singular tub usually used for bulk grows

MYC - Mycelium

MYC PISS - Metabolites produced by mycelium that are generally yellow in color

NOC - Inoculate

PC - Pressure Cooker

PDA - Potato Dextrose Agar

PF - Psilocybe Fanaticus

RH - Realitive Humidity

SAB - Still Air Box

SGFC - Shotgun Fruiting Chamber

SUB - Substrate

TEK - Technical Educational Knowledge, also commonly called a technique

TIT - Tub In Tub/Tote In Tote

TRICH - A common contaminate

VERM - Vermiculite

WBS - Wild Bird seed