Drying and Preservation

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Drying[edit | edit source]

Properly drying your material is of the utmost importance. It is key to preserving your harvest - improperly drying mushrooms can reduce shelf life drastically and lead to rot. Properly drying also prevents degradation of active compounds.

Fresh mushrooms should be loaded into a food dehydrator at 160f / 70c for a minimum of 24 hours until cracker dry. Bending indicates that drying is incomplete.

Certain varieties such as PE or Natalensis may not ever get cracker dry, but retain a foam like texture.

Fan and oven drying are not recommended.

Bigger mushrooms can be split down the middle, or dried for a longer period.

Storage[edit | edit source]

Once dried, storage is also very important.

Oxygen, light and heat are all factors in degradation of active compounds.

The most suitable long-term storage option is double vacuum sealing with silica packets.

Air tight jars containing silica packets will suffice, however potency loss may be a possibility over X years.

Both should be stored in a dark, cool cupboard or drawer.

Gourmet mushrooms are best fresh, but can be dried and rehydrated in cooking, or powdered and added for flavouring in certain recipes.

Medicinal mushrooms can be dried for creating extracts and tinctures, or for creating capsules.