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Knowledge in mushroom cultivation is constantly evolving, much of the information in books and online is outdated.

Fanning[edit | edit source]

Fanning serves no purpose. All necessary air exchange is supplied passively through your tub's setup whether modified or unmodified.

Scrubbing Air[edit | edit source]

Many people leave their laminar flow hoods running for an hour or so before beginning sterile work, when in fact you can begin working straight away. Turning your flow hood on while you gather your supplies is more than enough.

Showering Before Sterile Work[edit | edit source]

Showering is not necessary, you are still harboring contaminants, and are therefore still "dirty" - practicing sterile technique in order to avoid these contaminants is all that is important.

Clothing and PPE[edit | edit source]

Clothing and PPE are not neccessary for the reasons above.

Fruiting Conditions[edit | edit source]

Mycelium does not need to consolidate before going into "fruiting conditions". You should go into fruiting conditions upon spawning.