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About Substrate[edit | edit source]

CV / CVG[edit | edit source]

(Coco Coir & Vermiculite + Coco Coir, Vermiculite & Gypsum)

Coco coir is a material made of ground-up coconut shells and husks. It’s available in many garden centers or online. Vermiculite is a mineral that’s used to retain moisture and is also widely available at garden centers.

Mixing these two together can create an ideal substrate for growing some types of mushrooms, it is the most commonly used substrate for Cubensis.

There has forever been debate on whether gypsum is beneficial in substrate, however in current times, most people tend not to use it.

Recipes / Ratios[edit | edit source]

Recipe #1[edit | edit source]

800-1100g dry coco coir

395g vermiculite

5 litres of H2O

Manure[edit | edit source]

Straw[edit | edit source]