Invitro & Top Fruiting

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Invitro (meaning "in glass") and top fruiting are a fun, novel way to grow.

They can also be used to maximise ones space, or when searching for phenotypes or ideal clone candidates, but are commonly used when in doubt of the cleanliness of ones spawn.

The reason we top fruit bacterial fruit is this - breaking spawn down can weaken the mycelial colony, and with bacteria present, it may not recover.

Top fruiting by adding a layer of coir, or coir and vermiculite, is a safer bet of getting fruits from unideal spawn.

Below is a list of invitro teks.

Violet's POD TEK - Invitro With BRF or Grass Seed

Fahtster's Ziplock Tek - Using Ziplocks as a FC

MudaFuka's Bottle Tek (Improved)